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The supply chain is the lifeblood of any industry. No matter how advanced the product or service is each industry depends on supply chain and logistics set up to reach their consumer. An ever-expanding network of Warehouses, Inventory management & Integrated Transportation services makes it all possible along with the logistics that are constantly evolving to meet new technology & complex demands across Industry.

In this Blog, We are focusing on some of the key supply chain trends - as well as a glance and a way forward for the future supply chain and what it means for the workforce in the supply-value-chain.

E-Commerce & Omni-channel

As an Omni-channel distribution enables customers to interact with the seller in multiple ways to select, purchase, and deliver items. So, you can buy products from a website and have it delivered to your house. You can buy it from the website and pick it up at the store, or you can just go into the store and pick it up off the shelf as well. E-commerce plays a commanding role in the way we acquire goods and services, but the omnichannel distribution takes us one step beyond.

Automation & Robotics

To manage the complexity of today's supply chain and demands of Omni-channel distribution, Automation, Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI based tools)are much needed and there are various technology players in India, The US, and across the world who are developing such game-changing tools, apps, and ERPs, like www.we1.tech

The Supply chain Companies are looking to AI, robotics and related technologies to help them manage the complex channels, different flows, and different inventory pools. in the past where companies used to avoid complexity and try to be very simple and defined roles in the supply chain, now companies like Amazon, TruckTrack Logi-sciences and Warehouzez are embracing complexity.

Automation & Robotics Images

On-Demand Production & Services

Some time back the products left the factory only to be stored for weeks, months, or even years. However, a large number of products & services are created or delivered on-demand now. This means instead of guessing or forecasting the sales numbers, the businesses are just making on-demand products and services as they have the availability of robust, tech-enabled, on-demand warehouses and more advanced supply chain partners across India and Globally.

Cloud, Security & Internet

Cloud, Security & Internet are transforming the landscape of industries with the widespread adoption of new technologies for the more effective supply chain in which companies share infrastructure such as trucks and warehouses for maximum efficiency with the help of aggregators like www.warehouzez.com. Warehouzez is a leading-edge global logistics service provider is being termed as a revolution in on-demand warehousing and transportation planning that transforms the way inventories are stored, moved, and tracked in realtime. It uses AI, the internet of things, and blockchain makes Cloud, Security & Internet transform the speed and experience of the supply chain.

New employment opportunities

The opportunities are far beyond warehouse & inventory management, truck, and forklift drivers, encompassing everything from data analysis, Web application, data security, and cloud solutions as per www.we1.tech

Some technologies and important roles like supply chain planning, risk management, strategic supply chain and analysis leverage technologies such as immersive reality, geographic information systems, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. The supply chain and logistics workers have to upskill them for the new digital world but their jobs are safe and not going away.

Aakanksha Gupta

Aakanksha Gupta

(Senior Content Specialist)

Aakanksha Gupta is a senior content specialist at Warehouzez. She is a passionate and eclectic content writer with proficiency in mobilising thoughts into words. Apart from being a digital native, she is a language enthusiast with a knack for visual storytelling and technical writing. As a writer, she is an easy-going and detail-oriented person who can convey your brand message with efficiency. She firmly believes that words are the best and highest form of self-expression.

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