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Warehouse in Kolkata

Warehouzez : One Stop Destination For All Your Warehousing And Logistics Needs

In recent times, the Indian warehouse market is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, Statistics show that it is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 14.86 percent in the upcoming years. The warehouse business is an indispensable foundation of India's economy. The purpose and utilization of the warehousing system is gaining prominence over the years. Plethora of business organizations and conglomerates demand for warehouse in Kolkata for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, the rise of digitalization and E-Commerce can be regarded as the key demand driver for warehousing markets around the country right now. In large urban areas like Kolkata, various businesses and e-commerce have exploded in recent years for the reason that these companies and e-commerce companies require warehousing services in Kolkata.

Warehouse services in Kolkata

Although offline retail businesses were temporarily closed due to the pandemic, the E-Commerce platforms were launched in the midst of the worldwide crisis. Kolkata's online retailing sector has gained traction and recorded a significant increase in sales, which is expected to continue till the upcoming years.

There is no denying the fact that Kolkata is currently one of the country's fastest-growing global warehousing and logistics hubs. The majority of the requests for a warehouse in Kolkata come from E-commerce companies looking to expand their presence in the city. With this surge in demand for warehousing, it becomes all the more important to choose the right warehousing and logistics provider. There are countless aspects that one must take into consideration while choosing a warehouse services in Kolkata.

Warehouzez is indeed an ideal partner for all kinds of enterprises in Kolkata that desire to thrive and touch great heights. Undeniably, Warehouzez is a leading warehouse company in Kolkata. Let's discuss some of the primary USPs of the Warehouzez that set it apart from the competitors in the marketplace.

How Warehouzez Can Prove to be Beneficial for Business Expansion in Kolkata

On-demand Warehouse Services

The Top Graded on Demand Warehousing Company Across India

We are considered as one of India's leading on- demand warehousing firms, having a nation wide network of warehouses. Clients can choose from a variety of storage options and plans. According to their business needs, they can choose the period and warehouse size. It is the topmost duty of our experts to ensure that our customers receive the finest and excellent services. Additionally, all of our warehouses are fully functional and technologically advanced. We ensure to address all your warehouse requirements in Kolkata. In all likelihood, we are the perfect choice for all the businesses searching for godown or Warehouse services in Kolkata. We have our state-of-the-art warehouses throughout the country.

Excellent Supply Chain Management Services

The Leading Supply Chain Consultancy in Kolkata

It is a well- known fact that supply chain plays an inevitable role in the success of any business. Warehouzez offers the best-in- class supply chain management services to ensure the overall growth and success of your business. Being one of the leading global providers of Supply Chain Solutions, we work intensively to deliver excellent and consolidated logistics solutions to all our clients.

Warehouzez makes every move with the goal of increasing profitability. It is absolutely essential for businesses or enterprises searching for warehouse space in Kolkata to pick a supply chain expert or a 3PL Partner that is knowledgeable about your sector.

We have an excellent team of experts with years of expertise and extensive understanding in dealing with a wide range of businesses.

    Warehouse in Kolkata

25K Sqft

Total Space

10K Sqft

Space Available

Verified Professional

Affordable Price

WMS Software

Rated 4.1 Out of 5

Contact us right away to improve your company's operations, methods, and profits. However, before you make a decision you can check our performance record. Warehouzez specializes in Warehousing and Distribution services, as well as third-party logistics solutions. Contact us today if your business requires warehouse services in Kolkata with technical expertise, extensive experience, and a thorough awareness of your sector.

Full Assurance of Safety of Materials

In logistics, efficient warehousing is absolutely essential, and Warehouzez understands this perfectly. Our experts have received extensive training in the safe handling of hazardous items. We provide a variety of services related to storage of commodities like sample quality, pest control service and collateral management. We use cutting- edge technology to provide the safest and best warehouse in Kolkata. Our professionals evaluate all warehousing equipment as well as systems on a regular basis and perform any necessary modifications without delay.

We Create Opportunity to Provide Best Warehousing Services in Kolkata

  • Complete satisfaction of customers.
  • We help clients locate the best warehouse in Kolkata for their requirements.
  • Each of our Warehouse plans is affordable.
  • We employ cutting-edge technology to deliver tech-driven logistics solutions.
  • We assist with on-demand storage facilities in Kolkata.
  • We believe in digitizing the supply chain operations completely.
  • To provide best warehouse in Kolkata, we collaborate closely with our in-house teams.

Industries We Deal With

A number of industrial sectors entrust us with their logistical needs. Enlisted below are some of the prominent industrial sectors we deal with.

  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Battery (EV) and Powergrid
  • Computer and Electrical
  • E-Commerce and FMCG
  • Consumer Goods
  • Wind Solar and Telecom


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Features and Services

  IT Infrastructure

  • WMS Software
  • Telephone/Landline
  • (Wi-Fi) interface
  • Computer & Printer
  • Scanner
  • Network Security

   Safety & Security

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • 24X7 Security
  • 24X7 Access
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Smoke Detector


  • Pallet Storage
  • Carton Pick
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Labeling
  • Quality Checks


  • Pallet Racks
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Dock Plates
  • Industrial Scales

Our Key Features and Offerings

Here's a list of our key features and service offerings that sets us apart from other warehousing firms-

  • Career progression
  • A suite of comprehensive solutions for efficient supply chain management.
  • Make long term business decisions
  • We make sure clients receive excellent warehousing services.
  • Be a responsible member of the community
  • Always seek to improve
  • Provide a service we are proud of
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Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse logistics is referred to as the movement of commodities and information within warehouses and fulfillment centers. It incorporates processes like Receiving, Storage, Order-picking, Collection, Sorting, and Shipment.

Warehouzez is the one stop destination for all the 3PL services from supply chain management and inventory management to faster delivery. We deliver it all
  • 3PL warehouse services
  • CFA services
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Delivery Management

Logistics is the science of planning, organizing, and executing procedures for storing and transporting commodities and services. Transportation is an integral part of logistics that deals with transferring products and services from one place to another.

Logistics is critically important for any organization. Logistics is a key aspect of supply chain management, where supervisors or teams are responsible for planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient and effective flow as well as storage of commodities from their original destination to the end destination.


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