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Warehouzez Opens Second Fulfillment Center in Gurgaon

Warehouzez, India's leading logistics company, has announced the expansion of its fulfillment network in the National Capital Region with the launch of its second fulfillment center in Gurgaon. With a massive storage capacity, this new FC will house a number of products ranging from consumer products to large appliances.

This expansion will create employment opportunities for people in the area while also ensuring that customer orders are delivered safely, quickly, and efficiently. Retailers, sellers, and customers all across the country will benefit from this new warehouse in Gurgaon, which is designed to provide a better, faster, more efficient, and quality experience. The facility has automated warehouse systems to ensure efficient storage, picking, packing, and distribution operations. This further ensures that orders are processed and fulfilled safely and on time.

Online shopping and doorstep deliveries have become more prominent in the post-pandemic era. In light of this, Warehouzez has established a facility in Gurgaon to expand its network and geographical footprints. The facility will be accessible to small, medium, and large-scale businesses,

enabling them to improve the efficiency of their fulfillment operations. Outsourcing warehouse, logistics, and order management services will allow businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market. Warehouzez is now working on implementing advanced features that will help businesses with inventory management and demand forecasts using predictive AI and automated warehouse systems, minimizing the risk of last-minute stock-outs. "The launch of this facility is a significant step forward in our attempts to collaborate and strengthen the logistics and supply chain network in the coming years." stated the Director of Warehouzez. "Achieving this milestone will certainly help us to set new benchmarks in the logistics industry."

The Rise of E-Commerce Drives a Surge in Service Demand

The retailing sector is almost always evolving, and the year 2020 has ramped up many of the trends we were already observing, especially e-commerce's rising dominance. As India's e-commerce and logistics sectors continue to flourish, Gurugram will now be home to one of the country's largest fulfillment centers, owing to the launch of Warehouzez's state-of-the-art and technologically advanced fulfillment facility in the National Capital Region. It will help to meet the ever-changing consumer demand by providing ample storage capacity, end-to-end warehouse solutions, faster order fulfillment, and room to grow. A robust supply chain connects millions of small, mid-sized, and large enterprises, and as a homegrown logistics company, we are determined to invest in infrastructure, technologies, skills, and expertise to promote the growth of the country's economies.

Warehouzez is leveraging its expertise in logistics and warehousing to build its warehouses or FCs, in the country. In today's economic system, the new site —logistics warehouse Gurgaon— will let e-commerce businesses from all over the country grow and thrive by meeting their consumers' expectations for quick, low-cost shipping. "By establishing our second fulfillment center in the National Capital Region, we are providing e-commerce retailers and businesses the chance to potentially reach millions of customers - and, of course, storing and managing inventory and delivering orders closer to where customers reside is the ideal approach to optimize your logistics strategy."

State-of-the-art Facilities

Owing to the high demand in the region, Warehouzez is broadening their footprint and network capacity by launching their second warehouse in Gurgaon. The opening of the logistics warehouse Gurgaon will boost supply chain infrastructure and is a significant step forward in the country's implementation of warehouse automation and the development of technology-driven modern storage infrastructure.

Warehouzez, one of the leading warehousing automation companies, is extremely pleased that this is also one of their most environmentally friendly sites, combining the power of their logistical and supply chain operations to benefit people and the environment. This fulfillment center will provide a slew of benefits to businesses, like improving their customer service, extending their reach, lowering shipping costs, efficient inventory management, and improving scalability.

The facility will handle the logistics of getting an order to a customer's doorstep, saving you the time and effort of packaging, labelling, and shipping each order. The establishment of a new facility, located in the heart of Gurgaon's industrial zone, supports the region's growing demands for logistics, storage, and fulfillment operations, including value-added services like kitting, assembly, picking, packaging, order processing, and returns processing. These cutting-edge facilities aid retailers in their business expansion while also ensuring that they can trade and venture into new market avenues.

Warehouzez is delighted to announce the opening of its second fulfillment center, which will be supported by a nationwide warehouse network to ensure quick delivery at the lowest possible cost. The fulfillment center will help sellers offer their customers with error-free, next-day delivery, as well as end-to-end inventory management, supply chain management, and fulfillment services.

This exhilarating chapter of Warehouzez's growth is geared to answer rising needs for comprehensive logistics services and advanced multichannel fulfillment, with all FCs strategically positioned.


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